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Incumbent Bike

The Optimal Posture Performance

  • A low intensity, warm-up for before running and recovery for after running
  • A high intensity exercise regimen, that doesn't burn out users so they can maintain a sustained effort at the limits of the anaerobic threshold
  • Develops the intense anaerobic strength required for running hills and sprinting while minimizing the injury risk that may come with high intensity training
  • The Honking™ Incumbent Cycles design allows the user to change positions and to maintain a more natural upright stance that mimics running with less stress and strain
  • Simulates running techniques, yet enables Users to decrease the risk of stress related injuries that come with running on uneven surfaces. By building the Users strength in a low impact workout, Users will strengthen the muscles that will improve their performance and decrease the risk of injury when they do run on a variety of surfaces.
  • Users can maintain rehabilitate running induced stress and overuse injuries, while maintaining muscular strength and endurance that would otherwise be lost

Sports and cardiovascular performance benefits of Incumbent Cycling

  • Activates pelvic muscles, the most powerful group of muscles in the body that are key to the efficient use of a person's upper and lower extremities.
  • Users can derive significant benefits in little time while undertaking physical rehabilitation, athletic cross-training or cardiovascular exercise.
  • The flexibility to be a superior training tool for all sports. The Honking™ Incumbent Cycle design allows Users to emphasize any sport specific balance position, which will improve overall body function (strength, flexibility, conditioning) with the tailor the workout to enhance key anatomic regions.
  • Works across a larger cross section of skeletal musculature moving all joints through a natural range of motion against a constant force of applied resistance (agonistically and antagonistically).

Rehabilitation Benefits of Honking™ Incumbent Cycles

  • Minimal joint impact and low soft tissue stress limits the risk of stress injuries
  • Provides the most beneficial environment for injury rehabilitation by enhancing repair functions of the body while increasing strength, range of motion, and restoring the rest of the body regardless of the injury being treated
  • Superior aerobic workout resulting in higher oxygen consumption
  • Can dramatically increase muscle tone and boost cardiovascular endurance

Hip and Back Benefits of Incumbent Cycling

  • Focuses on the conditioning of the back to increase spine stabilization and keep lumbar-sacral curve where it belongs, avoiding the pain and stress of traditional exercise bikes.
  • Honking™ Incumbent Cycles utilize a natural upright stance, which simultaneously exercises the through a natural range of motion that strengthens the pelvic, hip and back muscles as well as, other parts of the upper and lower body.

Disadvantages of Seated Cycling

When compared to Honking™ Incumbent Cycles, other exercise equipment has the following disadvantages:

  • Stationary Bikes involve prolonged seating and bursts of standing which puts significant stress on the lower back
  • Prevent pelvic muscles from working at their full potential due to sitting on the bike seat (posterior tilt). This often results in gluteus maximus deactivation, a common prerequisite to back pain
  • Limits an ability to exercise the upper body through a natural range of motion
  • The prolonged flexion of the hips and back in seated cycling does not allow the joints to push in the high R.P.M., increasing the stress to joints and soft tissue.
  • Twisting and flexion of the spine encourages spinal degeneration and pain.

Disadvantages of Stair climbers

  • Stair climbers utilize a limited recruitment of the upper body muscles. The hand holds on these machines are primarily designed to assist the user in maintaining their balance, but have provided a convenient means of supporting a users' weight thereby decreasing the benefits of use of the machine in the first instance
  • These machines invoke a very limited motion of the thorax
  • Stair climbers also have a very limited and abnormal range of motion of the lower body incorporating more up/down motion of the legs, rather than a normal rotational motion of the hips and knees
  • These machines also provide no ability to work the strongest muscle group of the body, the hip flexors, against a resistance

Disadvantages of Treadmills

  • Treadmills involve very high impact stresses on joints and soft tissue
  • When using a Treadmill, it is almost impossible to exercise the upper body through a full range of motion or against resistance. The draw pulleys and pull arms available are very limited and are will not provide the full body workout required by many types of rehabilitation, athletic training and cross-training

Disadvantages of Elliptical Trainers

  • Elliptical participants adopt a more flexed posture than compared to the Incumbent Bike
  • The elliptical trainer twisted more backs when walking, despite changing the variables such as speed and stride length
  • Repeated flexion and twisting of the spine is known scientifically to encourage degeneration and cause pain
  • The Elliptical positions your body in extensive forward flexion, it is detrimental to someone with existing lower back injuries

Disadvantages of Rowing machines

  • These machines are difficult to learn and to operate. The pelvis is supported by a seat which virtually disengages the optimal use of pelvic muscles. This results is deactivation of the gluteus maximus
  • Rowing in a prolonged flexed position stresses the lower back
  • Like many other machines, rowers engage a disproportionate upper body requirement in its use

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