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A Superior All Body Workout

This addictive, captivating cycling experience use the Incumbent Cycle for a superior all body Work out

HONKING TM - the English term for riding out of the saddle- to accelerate, or take a hill.

"The incumbent bike training, also known as Honking is the current method used at Passion for Fitness this training distinguishes its cycling classes from any other gym in the United States.

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Intelligent Group Training

Honking classes fully incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT), scientifically proven to be the most effective way to burn fat. HIIT maximizes your workout by doing short periods of high intensity work, followed by a less intense recovery period. Honking burns an average of 500 - 700 calories per action-packed workout, and more significantly, causes the body to continue burning calories long after the workout without experiencing lower back pain or joint discomfort. In comparison to continuous, lower intensity activity, sprint intervals create a significantly greater increase in excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), and the added calories that accompany the increase in metabolism. This increased metabolic rate associated with EPOC is the primary contributing factor to the success of HIIT for weight loss.


Backed By Science

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Strength Training

Mixed with other modalities like TRX and weight training, honking classes offer a much more effective workout in the shortest amount of time than any other cardio training.


It is effective for a wide variety of clients ranging from healthy young to middle age adults with advance fitness level to those with physical limitations or injuries coming from rehabilitations services.


Endorsed by a Pelvic phyical therapist

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Kendra lost 25 lbs Melt your weight off today!



I have trained for 6 years with Joe and PFF. The honking bike and the classes are by far the best form of exercise I have ever done in my life. I had hip surgery 16 months ago and without Joe and honking, I would not be ......


I originally saw these honking classes on Groupon. I have been into spinning for a while now and enjoy cycling. I recently did the Tour de Shore, a 65 mile bike ride from Philly to AC in the summer. It killed my lower ba......

Edward Adams

Losing weight had always been a big challenge for me until I joined the honking classes conducted by Passion Cycles. I have never imagined that shedding those extra flabs could be so easy and amazing! And all credit goes......

If you cannot join us buy the bike for your home, commercial gym or rehabilitation facility.

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