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Training with good posture


Honking interval training

Are you ready to join the most innovative fitness movement that torches calories, provides a tremendous cardiovascular workout, and creates a lean, toned body? It’s time to get Honking™! Honking™ takes place on the newly developed Incumbent Cycle – a stationary bicycle used solely in the incumbent position, for maximum muscle engagement, intense aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, and extreme calorie burn – the most effective workout possible in the shortest amount of time!

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BAD posture
Bad Workout Posture
Good posture
Good Workout Posture


Honking gives me that sweaty, exhausting, 'I gave it my all" workout with no joint pain the next day (or week). And it is full body experience - the upper body is not left out (like with some traditional cycling classes).


I have more energy, feel more flexible and can't wait for me next class! Give passion for cycles a try this week”.

Brendan Smith

If you are looking to get in shape, lose some weight, or just maintain your fitness, this IS the place for you. Already "honking" has increased my weight loss. It is no lie to say it "melts the fat off of your body."