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Incumbent Cycle

The benefits of aerobic and strength training have been proven to provide significant health benefits that greatly improve the quality of life of those individuals willing and able to engage in such activities. Presently there is a variety of exercise equipment available designed to provide aerobic and strength training.

The time the majority of these users have available to dedicate to exercises is often limited to family life, work schedules and other social obligations. From the standpoint of the user, the most physiological benefits in the least amount of time is most important. To achieve the most physiological benefits in the least amount of time, it is necessary for the user to utilize the most muscle mass for any given exercise.

All of the presently available forms of exercise equipment concentrate on either aerobic or strength training. In general, aerobic forms of exercise train lower body muscles, such as running, stair climbing, elliptical training, all of which exclusively train the lower extremities. Strength training is usually designed to isolate specific muscles and provides minimal, if any, aerobic benefit.  Any means of exercise that can successfully enable the user to achieve both significant aerobic and strength training simultaneously will provide a benefit not currently being met  by existing products and is now possible with the use of the :


Incumbent Bike

The characteristic that differentiates the Incumbent Cycle TM from all others currently on the market is the ability tosimultaneously provide a complete upper body strength workout, increased lower body strength conditioning, and increased cardiovascular conditioning. This increased workout potential can only be achieved by equipment improvements incorporated into this new vertical cycling system of exercise. 

The Incumbent Cycle TM enables the rider to stimulate the largest muscle groups in both the upper and lower extremities thus utilizing the most muscle mass. More muscle mass used requires more energy and burns more calories per unit time than other comparable exercises. This advantage, over all other means of exercise, translates to shorter workout time with greater aerobic and strength benefits.

There exist several types of exercise equipment which include non-weight bearing frames that are used for the sole purpose of balance and stability, such as hand rails on either side of a treadmill.The Incumbent Cycle TM incorporates an external frame into an active aspect of vertical cycling rather than a passive means of stability

The Incumbent Cycle TM also enables the user to achieve greater upper body strength benefits not found in any current form of stationary cycling, elliptical training or stair climbing apparatus.Incumbent (or vertical) cycling utilizes greater muscle mass than conventional cycling and therefore enables the rider to achieve a more effective workout.

Current elliptical trainers and stair climbers have no means of securing the riders feet onto the machine, thus preventing high speed workouts. Without these necessary stabilizing straps to secure the riders the feet in place the rider would simply step off or lunge forward off the exercise machine with any significant increase in rotational speed or force. This problem can be visualized by a person trying to sprint in snowshoes without foot straps; the user would simply run out of, or off the snowshoes. This shortcoming is most apparent with the use of a stair climber or elliptical trainer where the user’s pace is limited by the rotational speed and inertia of the machine’s internal components.

Significant advantages of this invention over other types of exercise equipment include the increased strength training ability of the leg muscles, increased cardiovascular training ability and the ability to simultaneously strength train the upper body.

No known type of exercise bike, elliptical trainer, or stair climber has incorporated both benefits of both upper and lower body workout simultaneously in the manner the Incumbent Cycle TM has!