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Are you ready to join the most innovative fitness movement that torches calories, provides a tremendous cardiovascular workout, and creates a lean, toned body? It’s time to get Honking™!  Honking™ takes place on the newly developed Incumbent Cycle – a stationary bicycle used solely in the incumbent position, for maximum muscle engagement, intense aerobic and anaerobic conditioning,  and extreme calorie burn – the most effective workout possible in the shortest amount of time!

Unlike any other available exercise program on the market today, Honking™ provides an upper body  strength workout, lower body conditioning, core stability, and supreme cardiovascular conditioning.  Utilizing high intensity interval training (HIIT) – scientifically proven to be the most effective  way to burn fat – Honking classes consist of a 60 minute workout involving sprint intervals, creating a significant  increase in excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which allows calories to continue to burn long after the workout is completed. Mixed with other modalities like TRX and weight training, honking offers a far more impressive
workout than any fitness routine – no other means of exercise can compare. No matter what your age or fitness  level – from novice to experienced athlete – Honking™ can push your fitness goals to new heights. Because the body is in proper  bio-mechanical form for the entire workout, there’s no impact to the joints or spinal column – no pain, no post-workout discomfort,  no chance of injury – just pure sweat! Are you looking for increased energy, better metabolism, and a better body? Let’s get Honking™!