Ways To Keep Yourself Fighting Fit During The Weeks Of Festivities


Festive seasons are synonymous to expanding waistlines. Yes, the unfortunate truth that haunts us no matter how much we try to push it to the back of our minds. With every mouthful of cheesecake, the guilt that ensues is indeed overwhelming. The festivities see to it that families unite and good food is had, making sure that we put our daily routine of work-outs at the very bottom of our priority lists. And understandably so. Travelling long distances, frantic planning, their execution, shopping and of course, indulging in guilty brunches, knowing that we have earned that for ourselves after months of rigorous training all lead to a disruption of the healthy practices.

While the days leading to Halloween and Hanukkah are stressful, in a pleasant way, it might not necessarily mean that you stop exercising, simply because you have too much on your plate. Exercising is how you remain active and not feel lethargic when you have long winded to-do lists to see to. Studies have shown that people, with their overindulging habits, tend to gain tremendously during the festive weeks than any other week of the year. Regular exercising increases the metabolic rate which means that food gets digested and flushed out faster without letting them add on to the existing body weight. Think of it this way, the more calories you burn during the run up to the festivals, the more guiltless you would be while taking that fourth helping of turkey.

Following are a few effective ways through which you can keep the weight in check, albeit in a fun way, AND get all those pending chores completed in time. Trust us, weight loss can be achieved in more ways than one:

The Elevator Is Not Your Best Friend

Yes, it can be harsh to hear and harder to perform but have you thought of taking to the stairs when you are laden with groceries? No? Well, you should. It is extremely tempting to step into the elevators and ride up to your floor when you are carrying multiple shopping packages. Be hard on yourself and make the slow climb using the stairs. You’ll be out of breath for sure but also would also be a few calories lighter.

Switch Your Food

It is virtually impossible to keep a leash on ourselves when the tables and the kitchen and the refrigerator is stacked with casseroles filled with gravy, boxes brimming with cookies and bowls of stuffed meat. What CAN be done instead is switching the rich foods with the not so rich ones without compromising on the taste. Use stevia, maple syrup or honey instead of white sugar, ghee instead of oil and whole wheat breads instead of the regular ones. Alternatively, you can also eat a plate of fruits or spoonfuls of nut butter to stall the sweet cravings.

Pro tip: try making oat-banana cookies a week before to munch on for those times when your hand reaches for the chocolate chip biscuits.

Cycle Your Fat Away

It is mandatory that you set at least fifteen minutes aside everyday of the festive week. It might seem like an impossible feat but hardly unattainable if you set your mind to it. Passion Cycles, one of the leading brands in the weight loss circuit has the perfect solution. The team encourages the use of Incumbent Bikes or bikes for cycling indoors that are a step above the traditional, stationary ones. From incorporating HIIT exercises to upper body, core and strength training workouts, the bike does it all. Invest in one and perform complete body workouts all the while you are rooted to the spot. You definitely can’t ask for more.

Chug Water, Not Beer

The festivities inarguably lead to the consumption of an insane amount of alcohol. It almost seems that every small meal is being washed down by a gulp of wine or chilled beer. Have them in moderation and instead, drink what must be drunk: Water. Water flushes out the toxins rapidly and sticking to the regular routine of drinking the 3 litres can also curb the impulsive pangs, making you eat less.

Balance your water intake along with those mugfuls of beer and you should be alright.
Don’t deprive yourself off of the coveted “adult-drinks” completely. After all, the season asks you to be merry.

If you haven’t already, enrol in one of the highly effective sessions offered by Passion Cycles and see yourself get toned and transformed during the holidays. But if you are loathed to hit the gym, do look through the incumbent bikes that have been put up for sale and work at those flabs from the comforts of your own home.