Ways In Which Fitness Groups Put The Zing Back In Your Workout

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Workout buddies are great as long as they are as motivated as you feel. Exercising like a lone wolf or going for an intense jog at the crack of the dawn might not always seem the best ways to get the job done. It is during such dire scenarios that the company of another individual who boosts you to try harder is much needed. Working out with small fitness groups or a fellow gym goer does wonders to your endurance and also your confidence.

For most, workouts are a way to justify the careless manner in which they eat or lead a sedentary lifestyle. Such an adverse way of thinking only leads to harmful consequences and health conditions than positive gains. Let’s face it; shedding kilos to stay lean is tough work. The effort we put in at the beginning of the workout week starts to wane as the week progresses. The motivation that powered us to buy the gym clothes, protein powder sachets, swanky running shoes and even made us download a work-out music playlist is rendered meaningless after a few successful days in.

Finding people to work out with isn’t that difficult even when all your friends have turned down the offer of an early morning sprint. Gym membership often include group training sessions that allow its clients to pair up with partners or groups of people who have scheduled similar workout plans. The bond forged during these workouts can sometimes lead to you planning exercise sessions even outside the gym premises.

Working out in groups far outweighs the benefits of solo workouts. Here’s how.

Better Performance

HIIT or high intensity interval training is designed keeping in mind the short attention span that we tend to exhibit. Each of the high intensity exercises in these workouts last a few seconds keeping people from being bored. Couple this effective routine with the atmosphere created by small fitness groups sweating it out together and the performance of the individual reaches new levels. The competitive streak that group training gives rise to aids the determination to work harder and perform better.

Breaks The Monotony

Monotony is one of the primal factors that disrupts most of the workout plans. The thought of performing the same gruelling exercises over and over is enough to keep us from sticking to the routine. This is when we need a partner who knows the exact motions we are going through and help add a bit of pleasantness to the workout. Designing innovative exercises, mixing up the set rules and just outright having fun all the while you are burning those calories and releasing endorphins are ideal to keep your exercise routine from falling into a funk.

Group Camaraderie

Working in groups is always an enriching experience. The camaraderie created within these close knit groups who work hard together for days, striving for the same goal of a fitter body makes for an exciting affair. You tend to look forward to these weekly meetings that not only result in a satisfying work out but also lead to planning other activities together. Keeping track of each other’s meals, water intake all contribute toward healthy yet fun sessions that make the regime a success.


Perhaps the most important reason to opt for a group workout, motivation is direly needed at all possible times during the sessions. It is needed at every step of the way. The end goal often gets further away and it becomes difficult to keep sight of it when the body refuses to function. A friend or a well wisher thus motivates and helps bring the initial inspiration back by always being there when you find your determination start to falter.

Sometimes all you need is a little push to move further ahead in your goals and that is exactly what Passion Cycles, an exclusive fitness institute offers. Personal training sessions in Phoenixville as well as the opportunity to work out with other fitness groups let the clients have effective workout sessions while having a pleasant time in the company of fellow work-out enthusiasts.