tara s


My Honking Story

In Oct. 2015, I won a photo shoot online. Had the photos taken, and after I saw the finished product, they turned out ok. I wasn't happy with how much weight I had gained. I also had a few people call me out on it. I was also suffering from anxiety attacks a lot! My friend had told me about her weight lost journey and has become a true inspiration to me. I joined Myhonking story for the new year, and did weight watchers for a few months. Not only did I want to lose weight but I wanted to find a way to decrease the stress and anxiety attacks I was having. Having Myhonking story at the plaza I used to work at gave me no excuses to not workout!

My Results

-Cut inches off my waist, was a size 16 and now to a 12!
- Down to a 12 or 14 dress size!
-Weight loss: Started at 190.8 pounds now at 178.9
-Slowly but surely toning my body
- Less panic attacks then I used to have (very deliberating, to a point I could barely function during the workday) -Eating healthier
-Finding more ways to work out then just using the machines thanks to my trainer Beverly!