Passion Cycles: Small Group Cycling classes

small group cycling classes

When we take exercise our bodies and minds respond to it positively. When this happens, we enjoy the workout. When we exercise independently, as per our own convenience, we get a positive feedback from our body. When we work as the member of a group we get additional mutual support, encouragement and reinforcement. This is true especially with respect to small group cycling classes. Passion for Fitness owner Joe Ransom has created the Incumbent cycle with the endorsement of an orthopedic physician. It is a stationary cycling machine used solely in the incumbent position. The incumbent position is a kind of leaning position on the bike, or resting on it.

The unique nature of incumbent cycling

  • There are several types of exercise equipment like non-weight bearing frames that are used for the purpose of balance and stability, like handrails on either side of a treadmill. The difference is that the Incumbent cycle incorporates an external frame into an active aspect of vertical cycling rather than a passive means of stability.
  • There are elliptical trainers and stair climbers but they have no means of securing the rider’s feet on the machine. Hence, the rider is likely to lunge forward or step off the machine accidentally. With incumbent cycle, the rider’s feet are strapped, secured and stabilized. When he remains secured, there will be no increase in rotational speed or force which can be harmful.
  • Elliptical training, stair climbing or stationary cycling apparatus do not offer the benefits of upper body strength the way Incumbent cycling does. Incumbent cycling is vertical; hence it utilizes greater muscle mass than conventional cycling. It is a more effective workout compared to other machines.
  • Incumbent cycling provides complete upper body strength workout and increased lower body strength conditioning simultaneously. This characteristic differentiates it from all other equipment available currently in the market. Incumbent cycling also enables increased cardio vascular conditioning.
  • With Incumbent cycles, the rider can stimulate the largest muscle groups in both the upper and lower body. You get increased strength training ability of the leg muscles and upper body simultaneously. More calories are burnt in this way, compared to other machine exercises. Hence, with shorter workout time, you get greater benefits.
  • In traditional cycling, the largest, strongest and most important muscles cannot work at their full potential. The Incumbent cycle requires an upright stance. It activates the function of the pelvic muscles and their integration with the upper and lower extremities. The result is stabilization of the spinal column, negligible impact on joints and no stress on soft tissues.

How small group cycling works

Small group cycling classes conducted indoors is a good form of exercise. Each person has a separate bike and all bikes face the same direction. The bikes either face the instructor or a mirror. Sometimes, the mirror wall is just behind the instructor. The instructor leads the class through a series of cycling exercises like climbing uphill, sudden speed bursts followed by short recovery breaks, slow and easy pedalling or sometimes, getting off the seat and pedalling in a standing position. Sometimes, instructors create imaginary pathways like roads in a desert heading straight or winding uphill. This helps to fight boredom. Indoor cycling is intense and steady most of the time. Brief breaks are planned after 30 to 40 minutes of pedalling.

Instructors often play music. When the beat is slow, the pedalling slows down; when the music is fast, the pedalling speed increases. With music, the instructor can control the speed. The riders understand the beats and pedal accordingly.

Indoor cycling does not target arms. The hip, knee and ankle muscles are treated gently. It is advisable to join a gym for indoor cycling, where there is an instructor to guide you. Gyms have special stationary bikes.

Advantages of small group cycling classes

Incumbent cycles are specially prepared for clients of all age groups and men and women can both use them safely. An increased workout potential can only be achieved by equipment improvements incorporated into this new vertical cycling system of exercise. No known type of exercise bike, elliptical trainer, or stair climber has incorporated both benefits of both upper and lower body workout simultaneously in the manner the Incumbent Cycle TM has! According to Joe Ransom, Honking is great for the body. He states that you can push yourself to limits with least chance of injury. For people who have crossed 40s and 50s, running, biking, tennis or other games or activities place pressure on joints. Honking works against gravity so there is no harm done to the joints and the spinal column.

The common posture in modern lifestyle is sitting, which eventually results in sagging tummies. Most traditional exercises are performed in a sitting or lying position. The anti-gravity muscles become dormant. Incumbent cycling is an anti-gravity exercise programme. It develops core stability. There is no chance of injury.

The small group cycling classes incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT), scientifically proven to be the most effective way to burn fat. HIIT maximizes your workout by doing short periods of high intensity work, followed by a less intense recovery period. Honking burns an average of 500 – 700 calories per action-packed workout and more significantly, causes the body to continue burning calories long after the workout.

At Passioncycles we motivate you

An expert trainer will motivate you, play music, keep you engaged and take you through a variety of exercises. Passioncycles’ small group cycling classes is a motivational programme that you feel like turning to again and again. Walk in with apprehension about your health and fitness, walk in with overweight or aches, and walk out with burnt calories, great cardiovascular strength, lots of energy, enthusiasm, smiles and NO side effects, no pains and no sore joints!!

The Incumbent small group cycling class benefits are unmatched compared to all other exercising machines and workouts available in the market. It gives you increased metabolism and energy, and a lean and toned body. The benefits can never be achieved with the treadmill, stair climber or elliptical trainer. The strongest point is exercising in a group. You get a feeling of membership. You get encouraged when you exercise in the company of others. You improve on the individual level and the group as a whole make progress. It develops comradeship. Group support is mental and emotional. The group does not exceed 4 people.

Passion cycles  invites  you to join a group and achieve your personal goals even as you progress with others in your group. Enjoy the tremendous health benefits of small group cycling classes on Incumbent stationary cycles which have a unique structure and unique results.