The Many Ways Intelligent Group Training Can Help Melt The Stubborn Fat

Benefits of Intelligent Group Training

It is essential that exercises must be performed to spike up the metabolic rate. The metabolism rate is subject to fluctuations depending on the food we consume and the lifestyle that we lead. From performing physical activities to indulging in the right diet can work wonders and make the process of burning fat a simple one.

The Internet is flooded with fad diets, pills and supplements to aid in rapid weight loss. But do you really want to resort to such means to lose those stubborn layers of fat especially when you can the participate in group training that make working out a breeze? Passion Cycles, one of the premier organisations in Downingtown and Phoenixville assists eager participants with effective exercise routines that aim to tone and strengthen specific muscle groups. Most of the exercises are performed atop an Incumbent Bike and are designed in a way that target the troublesome area. Aerobic exercises, cardio training and more are included in the sessions that provide an element of fun in the otherwise mundane routines, making clients look forward to the sessions.

Intelligent Group Training, considered to be one of the most effective methods for weight loss, is essentially exercises that are performed rapidly one after the other at 90 second intervals. A varied number of exercise combinations are followed during the course that can last anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes. The training classes employ Honking, a new way of performing High Intensity Interval Training atop stationary Incumbent Bikes that aims to make individuals lose around 500-700 calories per session. The increase in Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) contributes to the rapid loss of weight, making it one of the most sought after exercise regimes.

Intelligent Group Training Benefits

1. Strength

Enhancing the muscular strength is important to prevent the bodies from succumbing to osteoporosis. Indulge in cardio training to work your entire body that targets important muscle groups that not only lend you a leaner and toned look, resplendent with prominent abdominal muscles but also increases muscular endurance.

2. A Short Duration

The short amount of time spent during the session is ideal as it does not come in the way of your daily routine, letting you exercise in peace. Do it all on your own or indulge in group training sessions for a set amount of time that involve strength training and aerobic exercises in one go.

3. Enhances Cardiovascular Health

Performing circuit training even for a short amount of time pumps up the heart rate, increases blood circulation, aids in preventing sleeplessness and of course aids in weight loss. Keep your heart in perfect shape with the right exercises and have one less thing to worry about during the later years.

4. Alleviates Boredom

Exercising can be a chore. Yet performing them with your peers can make the work easy. Passion Cycles provides the perfect platform in Downingtown for group training exercises. These sessions alleviate boredom, motivate the clients and urge them to perform better. Circuit training makes for a great social exercise as it is enjoyed best when you are in the company of your peers. And what’s more, you can even set your own playlist and move to the beats to work out efficiently.

Enroll in one of Passion Cycles’ classes at the earliest and witness the miracles that the exclusive Incumbent Bikes can have on your body in the shortest amount of time possible.