Honking Your Way to a Fitter and Healthier You

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For most of us, a majority of the day is locked up in hectic schedules, where managing time is a supremely difficult task. One area which ends up getting ignored often is our health. While the benefits of working out have been talked and discussed over and over again, many of us simply give up when it becomes a chore.

A large section of people do start off at gyms or other workout groups but drop-out when the exercises become monotonous. Enter incumbent cycling which makes workouts fun, interesting and intense to keep you on the path of fitness.

Cycling – A Tried and Tested Method for Weight Loss

There is a reason why cycling machines are a main stay within most gyms. One of the best components of a cardio-workout, cycling helps you loose weight, tones and trims your body, keeps you fitter and can improve your health remarkably. However, doing the same exercises can become boring overtime. Incumbent cycling keeps your workouts interesting, varied and fun helping you to stay motivated. Incumbent cycling uses honking – which is riding the cycle in a standing position instead of sitting on the saddle.

What is Incumbent Cycling Exactly?

Passion cycles runs cycling classes for weight loss in small, safe and functional groups centred around the incumbent bike as a part of High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. Some features of our cycling classes featuring the incumbent bike are

  • It is used as an anti-gravity training tool for HIIT
  • Increases your heart rate without stressing the joints
  • Reduces work out related back stress
  • Includes Weights, TRX and kettlebells
  • A maximum of 8 people per class
  • Experienced coaches
  • An average burn of 500 calories or more – resulting in quick weight-loss
  • Can be done by anyone, ranging from very fit and active people to someone looking for rehabilitation services to recover from an injury.

Honking, as mentioned earlier is a method of riding a cycle out of its saddle, which is very effective for calorie burn, weight loss and toning. Passion cycles have taken it further and with the incumbent position, honking becomes even more intense and effective. We also club other exercises such as Kettlebells, TRX trainers and weights to tone your body and make you fitter.

Why Train in Groups?

Fitness training in group has been shown to have some very positive effects as it builds a community of people, forges friendship, keeps individual morale higher and reduces the chances of discontinuing. Interaction also helps people with other important areas in fitness and motivates in, sticking with good food habits, normalizing sleep patterns, reducing stress. These areas are equally important along with exercising in order to achieve your specific fitness goals.

Keep the Calories Burning even after the Workout

With Honking and other exercises, not only will you burn calories during the workout but even after as it encourages increased post exercise oxygen consumption. The body is also kept in an optimal form during incumbent cycling as well as other related exercises you don’t experience post workout discomfort without the chances of injury. For personal fitness training in Exton and surrounding areas Passion cycles is the coolest place that offers something new, unique, interesting, effective and intense.