Honking The Latest Fitness Routine

Honking the latest fitness routine

Honking is a special kind of cycling workout, a brainchild of fitness trainer Joe Ransom, founder of Passion for Fitness. Cycling is a common form of exercise. Indoor cycling in gyms, also known as spinning, is a popular workout that suits all age groups and individuals. Honking the latest fitness routine is a slight variation of indoor cycling. Instead of using the bikes that are available in the market, Joe Ransom has designed special cycles called Incumbent cycles. Honking is nothing but doing your workout on Incumbent cycles.

Why is Honking the latest fitness routine?

The Incumbent bike is a stationary bike. It is used for indoor workout in gyms. The Incumbent bike incorporates an external frame into an active aspect of vertical cycling rather than a passive means of stability. The rider’s feet are firmly strapped on the pedals of the cycle. The feet remain secure and stabilized. It is vertical cycling so it requires an upright stance.

With Incumbent cycling there are no chances of the rider lunging forward or stepping off the machine. The rotational speed and force can be maintained. Incumbent cycle gives exercise to upper body muscles and lower body strength simultaneously.  It uses great muscle mass. It enables increased cardio vascular conditioning. The largest muscle groups in the upper and lower part of the body are stimulated. There is increased strength training of the leg muscles. A great deal of calories is burnt and hence Honking is the latest fitness routine. Incumbent cycles activate the function of the pelvic muscles and their integration with the upper and lower extremities.  The spinal column is stabilized. It does not impact joints and there is no stress on the soft tissues.

With Incumbent cycling, greater benefits can be achieved in less time.

Cycling consists chiefly of pedalling activity. Constant pedalling can become monotonous. The trainers introduce variety by playing music or by creating imaginary paths. The beat of the music can be varied as slow or fast. The clients change the pedalling speed according to the music beat and cycling becomes fun. Imaginary paths consist of mountain paths or straight roads, downward or upward slopes. The clients imagine that they are going downhill and let themselves go…!! Thus, some spice is added to the mechanical movement to make it interesting.

Incumbent cycling has all the benefits of normal indoor cycling. The changes and modifications made by the expert gym trainer Joe Ransom has made Incumbent cycles unique machines for workouts. Incumbent cycles are suitable for men and women, for children and adults.

HONKING for exercise

Honking is an English term for riding out of the saddle. Itrefers to the action of competitive cyclists as they stand up while cycling to accelerate, or take a hill.
Honking is an individual activity but it can be enhanced by practising in groups. The groups are very small, with not more than four people in a group. Each person has a separate bike. All the bikes face in the same direction. It is advisable to take guidance from a trainer. Honking consists of High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT).  After short periods of HIIT, there is a less intense recovery period. By alternating these two processes, you can get an ideal workout. It is a proven scientific way to burn fat.

Honking classes consist of a 60 minute workout involving sprint intervals, creating a significant increase in excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which allows calories to continue to burn long after the workout is completed. Mixed with other modalities like TRX and weight training, honking offers a far more impressive workout than any fitness routine – no other means of exercise can compare. No matter what your age or fitness level – from novice to experienced athlete – Honking™ can push your fitness goals to new heights. Because the body is in proper bio-mechanical form for the entire workout, there’s no impact to the joints or spinal column, no pain, no post-workout discomfort, no chance of injury.

Corporate Honking the latest fitness routine

Here is a corporate honking programme for improving the health of all the employees in an organization. Work schedules are exacting in organizations. Most of the work in companies is carried out in the sitting posture. People are required to concentrate on figures and computer screens. Deadlines and targets add to mental stress and tensions. These work habits are extremely harmful to health. Late timings leave very little scope for exercise and workouts. A solution to this is the Incumbent cycles honking the latest fitness routine that one needs to incorporate in their busy lives.

Honking in small groups is an ideal form of exercise for relieving mental stress, keeping the body fit and leading a healthy life. When people who work together also do workout together, it feels really good. Arriving in the office just half an hour early and you can ensure the fitness of everyone in the organization. Bring this great concept of honking the latest fitness routine to the office. The Incumbent cycles can be permanently installed in the office premises; a little investment will go a long way. It will be a wise investment. People can even take exercise any time during the day when they have time and when it is convenient for them.

We understand honking the latest fitness routine needs to be made available to everyone and thus Passioncycles will arrange for corporate honking for small groups. Business Program makes it easy for employers and employees to afford the cost of good health.With Small group Fitness, employees can take advantage of affordable group personal training at our very best price.
People always want something new. So here is a new way for exercise and workout with the same old benefits and added value. Incumbent cycling or honking will soon be the craze!! This novelty is not for the sake of offering something new: It is based on research and scientific principles. It is tested for results and benefits. It is authentic and created by an expert who knows the ins and outs of all kinds of exercising including indoor cycling. It is a modification made after observation of the drawbacks in traditional cycles so abundantly available in the market and widely used by people all over the world. It is a unique speciality solely available with Passions cycles.

Investing in passioncycles is like investing in life insurance policy. Honking technology is like a health policy that pays returns not in the form of money, but in the form of fitness; lifelong fitness that is s invaluable. –  worth much more than monetary gains, much more than what you pay for it. So? Come, let’s go HONKING!!