Honk and HIIT: Hack Your Way Through the Flab

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Are you amongst those who wake up each morning promising to transform your body for the better? But as the moments trickle by your steely resolve too dissipate. We have been told and told some more from age immemorial how exercise and proper food intake is beneficial for us to live long, healthy years. And from that valuable piece of information, most of us chose to stick to the bit where they talk about food intake. Easy as it may seem, not restraining yourself from consuming excess calories and not being active to compensate for the harm done to our body, it is not the path we should be opting. In today’s age maintaining an ideal proportion between calorie deficit and calorie intake has been made quite simple with the introduction of various fitness regimes.

Why Choose Passion Cycles?

Passion Cycles, one of the premium fitness institutes in the state of Pennsylvania offers an innovative and novel way to crush your fitness goals. Physical fitness at Exton has seen a new high with the growing popularity of the classes that Passion Cycles offers. Cycling though a sought after exercise to lose fat quickly, its efficiency has been taken a notch higher. The team at Passion Cycles focus solely on exercises done atop a stationary cycle but with a creative twist. They have introduced Honking classes for the customers which involve performing a variety of HIIT inspired exercises while riding the sedentary cycle. HIIT has become a go-to form of workout that people with next to no time in their hands, choose to perform. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training lets you go through multiple exercises but in a relatively short amount of time. It shoots your metabolism right through the roof and helps you burn calories throughout the day.

What Do They Promise To Deliver

  • Honking integrates HIIT workouts providing an effective and satisfying workout session without causing any discomfort post-workout nor does it make you feel fatigued throughout the day. Honking on Incumbent Cycles, a speciality of Passion Cycles, along with strength training and TRX lead to an increase in the Excess of Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) which in turn aid in the rapid burning of calories.
  • Spinning sessions, weight training, indoor cycling integrated within Honking, involving just a solitary cycle is attracting more and more clients, urging them to give this new form workout a chance. It is fun and motivating and lets one look forward to the next session. The results too are visible in a short span and the excess sweating are significant in its rising popularity and customer satisfaction. Not only does it strengthen the upper body and tones leg muscles it makes certain that every last muscle of the body is worked.
  • For the uninitiated who are not entirely sure of the health impacts, Honking lays minimal stress on the soft tissues and joints thereby inducing less stress on the skeletal system. It provides intense aerobic and anaerobic conditioning of the body without aggravating pre existing injuries.
  • Passion Cycles can also be distinguished from other fitness institutes as it offers small group training classes in and around Pennysylvania. These specialised training classes include competent trainers who excel in training small groups of people, motivating them to perform at their very best. Small personal training groups in Phoenixville, Downington, Chester Springs and West Chester are a pleasurable way to promote fitness. The classes involve one on one personalised training sessions too ensuring a constant support from fellow group members.

Here’s hoping that you are rewarded with an upbeat, calorie ripping workout that would help you transform for the better.