HONKING™ —the English term for riding out of the saddle—refers to the action of competitive cyclists as they stand up while cycling to accelerate, or take a hill.



The benefits of aerobic and strength training have been proven to provide significant health benefits that greatly improve the quality of life of those individuals willing and able to engage in such activities.


A gathering of informative articles, educational materials, and blogs posted both by staff and by people just like you—meant for you and supporting you, as well as celebrating your progress and sustaining your growth and improvement.

What is Passion Cycles?

Passion Cycles is the company which distributes Honking™ Incumbent cycles and administers the Honking classes and certification. For more information, click below.

Group Training

Honking™ can happen in your own home on your own bike, but there’s a lot of added value and support in the community of those who’ve decided they’re ready to lose weight, feel great, and be all they can be. To find out more, click below!


You’ve made the decision to change your life for the better through Honking™. Now the practical part—making the commitment of putting this as a priority and making a date in your schedule. For a list of Honking™ classes near you, click below.


I realized I hadn't been to the gym in over 6 months and I felt terrible. I realized I hadn't been to the gym in over 6 months and I felt terrible. I realized I hadn't been to the gym in over 6 months and I felt terrible. I realized I hadn't been to the gym in over 6 months and I felt terrible..... Read More



Honking® Certification is an online program supplemented with on-site training and examination which enables you to become a Certified Honking® Class Leader. You will gain the knowledge to lead a group of others in the Honking® program. This can be a new direction which lets you share your enthusiasm for Honking® with others. It can be something which you use to supplement your current activities and lifestyle, or it can be whole new career which opens new areas of your life. Click the link below for additional information about preparing for and qualifying as a Certified Honking® Class Leader. Licensing arrangements are also available. Click through and contact Passion Cycles for more.

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This is an exciting and developing time for Honking™ and the Honking community. We are radically expanding the availability and distribution of the Honking™ Incumbent Cycles. You have the early opportunity to have one of these for use in your home or commercial gyms. You can be Honking™ at home when circumstances make that better for you than depending on the group classes alone. The initial supply of Honking™ Incumbent Cycles is available now. Get yourself one now! Click on the button below to begin shopping!

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