Healthy Habits For You To Practise To Keep Obesity At Bay

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Obesity has undoubtedly become one of the biggest contributors of death. According to the statistics prepared by the World Health Organisation, around one billion people suffer from being extremely overweight. The increasing popularity and the easy availability of fast foods doused in oil and sugar make for an attractive choice and before you know it, you are bingeing on one unhealthy snack after the other. More than half the population in the United States of America are subjected to a lifestyle that are riddled with improper choices leading to fatal diseases.

Contrary to popular notion, the consequences of being obese are not limited to looking unflattering and unattractive. The adverse effects that the excessive pounds have on our overall health are staggeringly more in number than we can possibly fathom. From fatty liver diseases, diabetes, pancreatitis to heart and respiratory ailments, arthritis, dementia, the negatives are uncountable. Overcoming obesity is truly an exhausting journey, one that has umpteen potholes and hurdles. However, with an intake of proper nutrition and adequate exercise, the impossible can be achieved and achieved with much ease. The initial few days would be quite a challenge but the procedure becomes increasingly simpler as positive results are experienced over the course of time.

Let us guide you through some of the pointers that prove that would help you get back on the right track and lead an ideal lifestyle.

Give Those Impulsive Snacking A Miss

It’s tough, yes, but the unhealthy snacks do little to boost your metabolism, your energy levels and would inevitably make you feel supremely guilty about yourself. A palm sized chocolate chip cookie might not seem to be laden with calories but they are- trust us on this. If you are craving sweets, switch to fruits or nut butter or a piece of dark chocolate every now and then. Small dietary adjustments like eating baked foods instead of fried ones, incorporating more colours into your meals instead of just eating the meats in huge quantities and even switching to skimmed, cream-free milk while making your breakfast smoothies go a long way in helping you shed those excess pounds faster.

Incorporate Fibre Into Your Diet

One of the healthiest sources of fibre that is also a staple in most diets is oats. The benefits of oats are a plenty and switching one of your meals with a bowl of oats work wonders in upping the metabolism and keeping the body lean. Beans, bulgar wheat, vegetables, nuts and fruits also provide the much needed fibre for your body that help keep it full for longer. Not only do you have cleaner bowels but the urge to snack constantly is also kept at bay.

Reassess Your Lifestyle

Easier as it may seem to advise, reevaluating your life’s decisions is demanding. Since you won’t be able to turn over a new leaf overnight, patience and resilience are important to practise diligently. Drink glasses of water before and after your meals, and reach out for water bottles instead of aerated drinks. Keep sticks of carrots and celery inside your fridge to be had with nut butter and make sure you have them when the urge hits you at the dead of the night, instead of the fat slab of cake that would inevitably tempt you.

Be Active!

Being active does not necessarily mean to sweat it out regularly for ten hours at the gym. Walking those few blocks to office, moving around while talking on the phone, enrolling at your local dance workout sessions, waking up an hour early to take in the fresh air and jog a few miles or joining spin and cycling classes for weight loss, you can always be active if you choose to be so. HIIT exercises, Tabata, Cardio, Strength Training can also be incorporated within your daily routine if you wish to see prompt results.

Obesity is tough to overcome on your own. Although the onus is on you to take the initiative, you can always surround yourself with like minded peers to help you get through it all. The team at Passion Cycles, an exclusive training centre at Exton helps you achieve just that with their group fitness classes that not only help you tone those flabby abs faster but also motivates you enough to keep reaching for the end goals.

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