A Guide To Eating Right Before A Workout

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Have you been looking for an uninterrupted session of early morning workout? Do you think working out on an absolutely empty stomach the first thing after you wake up is a brilliant idea? Do you know you can’t be more wrong? Yes, going through a rigorous training without infusing your body with adequate calories can do more harm than the wondrous results you were hoping for.

“Fasted workouts” not only stalls the metabolic rate but also lead to dizziness and fatigue that tire you out within moments of your session. Adequate carbohydrates, fats, water and even glucose are essential to fuel the body before launching into a heart pumping workout routine.

Although it might seem tempting to continue the fast until after the workout, in the hope of losing those calories faster, the low blood sugar as a result can lead to dire consequences in the long run. A protein powder shake, fruits, preferably berries are a few options that can be integrated into your pre-workout meals. However, substituting them with calorie laden foods, caked with sugar/ oil will do the exact opposite and hinder the rapid burning of the calories.

Here’s an overview on some of the edibles that generate miraculous results when consumed minutes before the workout:


Pre-workout meals that do not involve a banana is indeed doing your body a grave injustice. Bananas are high in potassium. Consuming it a few minutes before the start of the workout will give you the much needed fuel in terms of nutrients. Consuming a medium sized ripe banana with a bowl of unsweetened yogurt will do wonders for the body. In fact, bananas, also make for a healthy snack in between meals that satisfy those unnatural sweet cravings.


A breakfast of oatmeal with skimmed milk, fruits and nuts will give you all the energy you’ll need during a strenuous workout. Oats contain an insane amount of fibres that gradually release carbohydrates for the body. The vitamin B in oats also aids in the transformation of all those carbohydrates into energy that keeps your performance throughout the workout session at an optimum level. Have a bowl of it thirty minutes before you hit the treadmill and feel a difference.

Greek Yogurt

Physical fitness is essential if you wish to give your best on the gym floor. And a highly functional physique is attainable only when you eat right. If a bowl of oatmeal seems way too heavy a meal for you, switch it up with a bowl of unsweetened greek yogurt. The body needs to be re-energised with a healthy dose of protein and yogurt provides with just the right amount. Rigorous workouts cause a strain on the muscles. The proteins thus help in preventing the muscular damage in addition to helping you push through the exercises one after the other.


If preparing elaborate meals does not seem like an appealing idea just before a workout session, smoothies should be the way to go. Chuck everything into the blender along with a generous amount of a protein powder of your choice and you should get all the right nutrients in a single serving. The smoothies can include greens, fruits, yogurt, milk, nut butter, or whatever catches your fancy. Have a tall glass of this refreshing drink before jumping into your daily routine of workouts and blast through them.

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