As with anything we do in maintaining or improving our body’s abilities and appearance, there’s positive feedback we give ourselves when we exercise by ourselves, on our own time schedule. What’s also strong support for our working on our exercise program is membership in a group. The encouragement and mutual support multiplies and reinforces the positive response our bodies and minds. This is powerfully true with Honking®!

Small group training with a Honking® component can enlarge the functional movement capabilities of your body, and offer crucial mental and emotional support as you progress toward your personal goals. Limited to a maximum of four people, this combines the learning and care of personal one-on-one training with the support and comradery of being part of a group of people working together to achieve their personal goals.
Contact us now to find the schedule and site that meet your needs the best. Small groups rock! And your progress can roll faster with them as part of your plan.