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Exercising is an art and the sooner you realise it, the better it would be for your well being. The hectic lifestyles make devoting even a few minutes per day a task yet it sho

Are you amongst those who wake up each morning promising to transform your body for the better? But as the moments trickle by your steely resolve too dissipate. We have been told and told some more from age immemorial how exercise and proper food intake is beneficial for us to live long, healthy yea
Honking? Now, what’s that? Although the term “honking” means standing up and riding out of the saddle on a bike while climbing a hill slope, at Passion Cycles, it denotes a special form of exercise introduced by Joe Ransom. He has designed a unique indoor cycle, called incumbent cycle, that
“Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It is about better than what you used to be” – The generation-X is fast catching up to the overwhelming trend of staying in shape. To slip in the “fitness” fad, most of us aspire to shed those extra kilos, but a very few can actually ta
Honking is a special kind of cycling workout, a brainchild of fitness trainer Joe Ransom, founder of Passion for Fitness. Cycling is a common form of exercise. Indoor cycling in gyms, also known as spinning, is a popular workout that suits all age grou