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Exercising is an art and the sooner you realise it, the better it would be for your well being. The hectic lifestyles make devoting even a few minutes per day a task yet it sho

Festive seasons are synonymous to expanding waistlines. Yes, the unfortunate truth that haunts us no matter how much we try to push it to the back of our minds. With every mouthful of cheesecake, the guilt that ensues is indeed overwhelming. The festivities see to it that families unite and good foo
Obesity has undoubtedly become one of the biggest contributors of death. According to the statistics prepared by the World Health Organisation, around one billion people suffer from being extremely overweight. The increasing popularity and the easy availability of fast foods doused in oil and sugar
Have you been looking for an uninterrupted session of early morning workout? Do you think working out on an absolutely empty stomach the first thing after you wake up is a brilliant idea? Do you know you can't be more wrong? Yes, going through a rigorous training without infusing your body with adeq
Workout buddies are great as long as they are as motivated as you feel. Exercising like a lone wolf or going for an intense jog at the crack of the dawn might not always seem the best ways to get the job done. It is during such dire scenarios that the company of another individual who boosts you to
Metabolism is a series of chemical processes that occur within our body to expend energy. This is the energy on which we function. Metabolic rates are prone to manipulation and are subjected to increase and decrease based on the activities we perform throughout the day. A high metabolic rate is key
Are you amongst those who wake up each morning promising to transform your body for the better? But as the moments trickle by your steely resolve too dissipate. We have been told and told some more from age immemorial how exercise and proper food intake is beneficial for us to live long, healthy yea
For most of us, a majority of the day is locked up in hectic schedules, where managing time is a supremely difficult task. One area which ends up getting ignored often is our health. While the benefits of working out have been talked and discussed over and over again, many of us simply give up when
Is it unthinkable to give some time to your health? It can’t be, Just believe that you really can manage few hours in a week to make sure that you have not taken your health for granted! If you do so, your health will not take it sportingly. So first you need to change the mindset and realize t