The Benefits of Personal Training for Honking Classes in Exton

Personal Training Exton

Honking? Now, what’s that?

Although the term “honking” means standing up and riding out of the saddle on a bike while climbing a hill slope, at Passion Cycles, it denotes a special form of exercise introduced by Joe Ransom. He has designed a unique indoor cycle, called incumbent cycle, that helps you shed an enormous amount of calories within a short span of time. The major difference between normal cycling and incumbent cycling is, it includes an external frame into a facet of active vertical cycling instead of passive stability. This exercise involves vertical cycling, with the riders’ feet firmly strapped on the pedals. He or she also has to stay upright, thus giving maximum pressure to both the upper as well as lower body muscles. Your entire body loses calories with this special type of honking exercise. Amazing idea, right?


Now, let us turn to the advantages of honking over other forms of exercise

  • It targets both the upper and the lower body muscles simultaneously, giving you loads of energy without staying at the gym for two hours at a stretch.
  • You can easily get off the bike anytime to do TRX weights and other core exercises. That will give you a break from constant honking.
  • Honking induces improved cardiovascular conditioning with the largest muscles being stimulated.
  • These newly designed cycles enhance the function of your pelvic muscles and their relation to your hands and feet.
  • Unlike many other forms of exercise equipment, it does not put pressure on your joints or soft tissues.

How can Passion Cycles change your life?

Even if you are not a gym freak, it is essential for you to stay fit. Nowadays, we are mostly confined to our desks for more than 6 hours at a stretch. Consequently, we grow chronic muscle pain on the lower back as well as out limbs. Passion cycles provide personal training in Exton that enables you to make the most of the incumbent cycling. It will take you only 60 minutes to feel completely rejuvenated and highly productive to carry on with your day-to-day activities. And, the most important thing is, you will enjoy your honking sessions to a great extent. The trainers play music and provide sprint intervals to increase EPOC or Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. This keeps on burning calories long after your cycling session is complete.

The Benefits of Group Fitness Sessions

A group fitness program involves a lot of enthusiasm and energy as people do not feel bored when working out in small groups. Group fitness in Glenmore enhance your chances of working out for a long time, chatting, enjoying and listening to music. The trainer makes sure everyone in the group feels involved and active while burning calories. Work out sessions should be enjoyable, otherwise, you won’t be able to pursue the activity for long. Joe’s incumbent cycles help you take your workout regime more seriously as you get to see positive results pretty quick.
So plunge in, get rid of the extra flab and show off your toned body in no time.