Benefits of staying fit through cycling

benefits of staying fit through cycling

There is a range of exercising options and it is often difficult to choose the one which suits you most, some exercises are natural like running, jogging, walking or swimming. Some people like to exercise out in open space while others prefer indoor exercises. For the latter, there is a variety of machines and gym equipment that provides a simulated experience. ‘Yogasanas’ too can be performed indoors without the use of machines. Young people like something adventurous; their common choice is cycling. Here we can learn the benefits of staying fit through cycling. Cycling can be real, outdoor cycling or cycling indoors on stationary bikes. Each type of exercise has pros and cons. The ultimate aim of every kind of exercise is staying fit. Good health is the objective. Biking is the preferred option for many, and it helps you to stay fit.

Staying fit by cycling has its own advantages.

A cycle is a simple machine which people can ride short and long distances. It is easy to learn cycling and even children can learn to cycle at an early age. and enjoy the benefits of staying fit through cycling. The main activity involved is pedalling with the legs. The faster you pedal, the greater the speed. While many people love to cycle for its own sake, cycling also provides exercise to the body. Nowadays, people travel far distances in automobiles; hence, cycle is rarely used as a means of transport. Considering the physical activity involved in cycling, it is being increasingly used as exercise equipment. Cycling is enjoyable. Cycling on roads is real fun. Cycling can be outdoor or indoor. Stationary cycles are installed in gyms and pedaling them at the same position provides exercise to the body.

Health related benefits of staying fit through cycling

• Cycling causes low impact compared to other forms of exercises.
• It causes less strain and injuries
• Cycling requires the use of all major muscle groups so it is good for muscle workout
• It is an aerobic activity so the heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a workout.
• It strengthens the bones
• It improves posture and coordination
• Cycling reduces body fat and burns calories resulting in weight loss
• It gives s fitness level of someone ten years younger
• It improves control of blood pressure
• It lowers resting heart rate. Increased resting heart rate increases death risk.
• It reduces cholecystectomy (surgical removal of the gallbladder) rates in women (New England Journal    of Medicine, 1999).
• Regular cycling during pregnancy can ease childbirth.
• It trains respiratory muscles.
Cycling and mental health:
• Regular cycling helps to reduce mental illnesses such as depression, stress and anxiety.
Cycling and prevention of health problems
• Regular cycling reduces chances of breast and bowel cancer
• Research has proved that people who cycle regularly for more than 30 minutes face less risk of    diabetes.
• Cardiovascular diseases include stroke, high blood pressure and heart attack. Regular cycling stimulates   and improves your heart, lungs and circulation, reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

General advantages of cycling

• It is inexpensive
• It does not cause pollution so it helps to protect the environment
• It is an easy form of exercise.
• Cycling is fun.
• It is suitable for children and adults.
Another benefit of staying fit through cycling is that it strengthens the immune system and helps to protect the body from infections. Cycling involves the use of leg muscles which get activated. The shoulders and arms support the body on the handlebars. This activity tightens the muscles, makes them stronger and enables them to function efficiently. Cycling has a positive effect on bone density. Slipped discs are most likely to occur in the lower back. Cycling strengthens the muscles in the lower back stimulating the smaller muscles and helps to prevent slipped discs and reduce back pains. Cycling is especially good for protecting the delicate cartilages, reducing chances of arthrosis.
Current lifestyle is full of stress and tensions. Staying fit through cycling helps to maintain mental equilibrium. It has a relaxing effect. It stabilizes physical and emotional functions of the body. It controls psychological problems and helps to maintain hormonal balance.
Oxygen is vital for all biological organisms and the basic prerequisite for the respiratory processes of humans. Respiration is often impaired by adiposity and lack of exercise. Among other things, regular physical activity strengthens the respiratory muscles, which leads to improved ventilation of the lungs and thus has a positive effect on oxygen exchange. Enormous positive health effects can be achieved through moderate cycling.

Stay fit with cycling

Since cycling is good for physical and mental well-being and since it also helps to prevent illnesses, one can stay absolutely fit with regular cycling. Just give half an hour each day for cycling, either indoors or outdoors and you have the golden key to a fit and healthy life. You can adjust cycling in your busy work schedule and modern lifestyle, without hampering them. is ready to share 15 years of experience with you and offer you guidance and training in cycling. Founder Joe Ransom has a passion for fitness and fitness through cycling. He has designed the special Incumbent cycle that has a host of stationary cycling benefits. The training is given in small groups not exceeding 4 clients, group training enables mutual encouragement while you pursue your individual goals.


Duration and intensity should be managed to suit body structure.

Too much cycling will increase stress.  The expert trainers at passioncycles help you to reap maximum benefits from cycling by giving detailed instructions, planned programmes and creating awareness so that you take care while you cycle your way to fitness
Gain the benefits of  staying fit with cycling, join passioncycles and ride along the happy way to a healthy and fit life.