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Feel the burn – See the Results – Get Honking!

Join the rapidly-growing, innovative fitness movement that torches calories, provides a tremendous cardiovascular workout, and creates a lean, toned body.Honking, the English term for “riding out of the saddle,” refers to the action of competitive cyclists as they stand up while cycling to accelerate, or take a hill. The Incumbent Cycle, created by Passion for Fitness owner Joe Ransom, with the endorsement of an orthopedic physician, is a stationary cycling machine used solely in the incumbent position. Unlike traditional cycling, or spinning, where the largest, strongest, and most important musculature is prevented from working at its full potential, the upright stance required on the Incumbent Cycle completely activates the function of the pelvic muscles,and their integration with the upper and lower extremities. This increases spine stabilization, leading to minimal joint impact and absolutely NO soft-tissue stress. This is great news for anyone who has suffered from a soft-tissue, joint, or spinal injuries. With a Honking workout, there’s no tight hip flexors, no sore back, no post-workout discomfort – just pure, calorie-burning sweat!

“Honking is great for the body,” explains Joe. “You can push yourself to major physical limits with no chance of injury. Many people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s really desire to be physically fit, but have suffered injuries as a result of running, biking, tennis, or activities that place a great amount of impact on the joints. Honking works against gravity. You use your own resistance, so there’s no impact to the joints or spinal column, specifically, the lower back. There’s no soft-tissue stress, so you won’t aggravate a pre-existing condition, or induce a stress injury.”

Honking meets the physical needs of everyone, at any age, or athletic ability. As we get older, gravity begins to work against us by dragging the muscles that support our posture toward the ground. Coupled with a lifestyle of frequent sitting, our mid-section, thoracic and lumbar regions steadily become less upright, resulting in saggy tummies and backsides. Additionally, many traditional exercises exacerbate this situation – machines take the place of good posture and often, exercises are performed sitting or lying down. Our anti-gravity muscles then become dormant, which results in joint, bone and back pain.Research shows that by introducing antigravity exercises into our fitness routine, we develop core stability and better movement function, thereby counter-acting pain and disability brought about by aging and a sedentary lifestyle. Proper alignment is critical with regard to avoiding back injuries, or stress to the lower spine. Honking leaves no room for injury, and no harm to the joints or musculature of the back.

Different from all other available exercise equipment on the market today, the Incumbent Cycle provides an upper body strength workout, lower body conditioning, core stability, and excellent cardiovascular conditioning – all in one workout! The non-weight bearing frame equates to balance and stability, which means you can achieve the ultimate workout, involving sprinting, strength, upper and lower body benefits, without compromising the body.For anyone with a soft-tissue or spinal injury who may be frustrated over lack of exercise options, you can still obtain a full-body, completely effective workout when honking.

Honking classes fully incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT), scientifically proven to be the most effective way to burn fat. HIIT maximizes your workout by doing short periods of high intensity work, followed by a less intense recovery period. Honking burns an average of 500 – 700 calories per action-packed workout, and more significantly, causes the body to continue burning calories long after the workout. In comparison to continuous, lower intensity activity, sprint intervals create a significantly greater increase in excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), and the added calories that accompany the increase in metabolism. This increased metabolic rate associated with EPOC is the primary contributing factor to the success of HIIT for weight loss. Mixed with other modalities like TRX and weight training, honking classes offer a much more effective workout in the shortest amount of time than any other cardio training.

The Incumbent Cycle requires recruitment of total body musculature, which generates a much higher cardiovascular demand. Because the intensity is higher,aerobic and anaerobic endurance is increased, speeding up metabolism, and significantly increasing the after-burn affect. In short – more calories are burned during the workout, and more calories continue to burn after the workout, leading to maximum weight loss! Combined with a motivational trainer at the helm of the class, great music, and a variety of exercises, its easy to rip through a calorie-shredding, upbeat, fun, motivational class in no time. Walk out having worked every major muscle group, having burned a ton of calories with the added benefit of no side effects like achy, sore joints!

No other means of exercise can compare to the benefits of a honking class on the Incumbent Cycle. With the torso elongated and the hips aligned, the energy of the workout is completely driven from the core, resulting in stronger abdominal and glueteal muscles, along with upper body strength benefits, and most of all – extreme calorie burn! These benefits simply cannot be achieved on a traditional treadmill, stair climber, or elliptical trainer.

Increased metabolism + energy = a lean, toned body. Come feel the burn – get Honking!