Our Trainers at Passion for Fitness, Exton

Steve Ray

Steve holds a personal training certification through the National Personal Training Institute. He also holds a certification in TRX group training. Steve’s passion for fitness developed lifting weights when he was in high school as part of football training and this evolved into his overall interest in fitness and nutrition. Combining his competitive background and fitness knowledge, he is now competing in amateur power lifting. His thoughts of exercise and nutrition are that they should be part of everybody’s life ALL the time, not just before going on vacation. Furthermore Steve thinks one should always consider mobility and flexibility, not only cardiovascular and strength when training. He wants you to remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint!

Shane Kutterbach

Shane received his training certification from the American Counsel on Exercise.  He has always loved athletics and has been involved in sports and exercise his entire life.  He holds a degree in kinesiology from Penn State which gave him a greater appreciation for training of the human body.  Shane believes there is so much more to exercise than just lifting weights or running.  It’s a science and that’s what he loves about it.  One of the most amazing things to Shane is when he sees the look on people’s faces when he corrects their form with even the slightest change to make the exercise more effective and they realize that there is a whole lot more to what PFF does than just “being good at working out.”  He loves being able to make people’s lives better by using his knowledge to improve their physical health which has a direct correlation to cognitive ability and overall emotional health as well.  It’s not just about the short term benefits, it’s about setting yourself up for a long and happy life.

Tim Ippolito

Tim obtained his B.S. from East Carolina University in Kinesiology with a concentration as a Health Fitness Specialist. He currently holds his American Red Cross certification in First Aid/CPR and AED and is currently studying for the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam and USA – Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach Certification. Tim’s love for fitness began at a young age when he began to participate in basketball and soccer. This continued recreationally throughout high school and college. During college, he began to take weightlifting and nutrition very seriously, and has not looked back since. Tim continues to participate in recreational indoor and outdoor soccer leagues throughout the year, along with regularly strength training. He recently developed a passion for mud runs, and hopes to continue to complete a few each year. Tim takes pride in living a healthy lifestyle, and enjoys inspiring, encouraging and enabling others to do the same.