Why Honking is good for Corporate America


Young business woman sitting on chair and holding her lower back in pain


The corporate world today is plagued by an epidemic of sedentary behavior. Workers spend hours at a time tied to a desk, and the effects can be very detrimental to health and well-being after months and years of work. Exercise is a great outlet to counterbalance a day of working in an office, but it is important to pick a form of exercise that is safe and effective. Many people will hit the gym with heavy weights or run for miles with poor form, doing more harm than good. Others will choose spinning or bike riding as their outlet, which is an effective cardiovascular exercise, but there is the potential to exacerbate musculoskeletal issues from a day of prolonged sitting. Proper form and rest are key to remaining injury free and gaining benefits from these forms of exercise.

Honking is a form of exercise that automatically places the body in a biomechanically sound position while providing an intense cardiovascular workout. Honking is the perfect form of exercise for corporate workers and anyone who spends a great deal of time sitting down. The Honking bike is an incumbent bike, and the rider is in an upright position. With minimal coaching, it becomes natural to keep a slight anterior tilt in the hips with the torso erect. This position does not load the spine, and the body can work in its natural range of motion.The cardiovascular benefits of honking are great, because the musculature of the legs, torso and arms are all engaged.

In addition to the calorie-burning cardiovascular benefits, the total body workout on the Honking bike is also a form of resistance training. In combination with circuit training performed off the bike during the class, the muscles gain strength and endurance. Increased muscle mass means a higher resting metabolic rate. Resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the number of calories burned at rest, such as sitting at a desk. The benefits of Honking go far beyond the class period, as increased muscle mass increases RMR and therefore the number of calories burned in the office throughout the day.

Many people who attempt to add exercise into their routine find themselves sore and tight, making a long day at a desk even more uncomfortable. Honking has all of the benefits of exercise, but it keeps the individual pain free when they leave the class. It is a way to get upright and take a break from prolonged sitting without the added discomfort.
It is becoming urgent for many corporate workers to increase energy expenditure and maintain a proper diet in order to lose weight. Chronic diseases threaten the aging American population, and prolonged sitting has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer to name a few. Finding many ways to break up sitting time is important, and Honking is a great component of an active lifestyle. Those who have tried Honking swear by it an an enjoyable, effective form of exercise. People who have had hip, knee and back injuries are able to enjoy Honking pain-free, where other forms of exercise increased pain. Companies need workers who are healthy and happy to fuel profits, and exercise on the Honking bike can certainly improve wellbeing and productivity.

Pff Team