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Have you been looking for an uninterrupted session of early morning workout? Do you think working out on an absolutely empty stomach the first thing after you wake up is a brilliant idea? Do you know you can't be more wrong? Yes, going through a rigorous training without infusing your body with adequate calories can do more harm than the wondrous results you were hoping for. “Fasted workouts” not only stalls the metabolic rate but also lead to dizziness and fatigue that tire you out within moments of your session. Adequate carbohydrates, fats, water and even glucose are essential to fuel the body before launching into a heart pumping workout routine. Although it might seem tempting to continue the fast until after the workout, in the hope of losing those calories faster, the low blood sugar as a result can lead to dire consequences in the long run. A protein powder shake, fruits, preferably berries are a few options that can be integrated into your pre-workout meals. However, substituting them with calorie laden foods, caked with sugar/ oil will do the exact opposite and hinder the rapid burning of the calories. Here's an overview on some of the edibles that generate miraculous results when consumed minutes before the workout: Bananas Pre-worko

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personal training
Workout buddies are great as long as they are as motivated as you feel. Exercising like a lone wolf or going for an intense jog at the crack of the dawn might not always seem the best ways to get the job done. It is during such dire scenarios that the company of another individual who boosts you to try harder is much needed. Working out with small fitness groups or a fellow gym goer does wonders to your endurance and also your confidence. For most, workouts are a way to justify the careless manner in which they eat or lead a sedentary lifestyle. Such an adverse way of thinking only leads to harmful consequences and health conditions than positive gains. Let’s face it; shedding kilos to stay lean is tough work. The effort we put in at the beginning of the workout week starts to wane as the week progresses. The motivation that powered us to buy the gym clothes, protein powder sachets, swanky running shoes and even made us download a work-out music playlist is rendered meaningless after a few successful days in. Finding people to work out with isn’t that difficult even when all your friends have turned down the offer of an early morning sprint. Gym membership often include group training sessions that allow its clients to pair up with partners or groups of people who have

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personal training
Metabolism is a series of chemical processes that occur within our body to expend energy. This is the energy on which we function. Metabolic rates are prone to manipulation and are subjected to increase and decrease based on the activities we perform throughout the day. A high metabolic rate is key in losing weight rapidly. The way our metabolism functions often depend on genetics and care must be taken to work it in such a way that our body continues to burn fat swiftly without slowing down drastically. Before jumping onto strict workout regimes and stricter diets to amplify the metabolic rate, it is essential to learn about the Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. This is the rate at which the body burns calories in a sedentary state. If the BMR remains within the normal range you would be spared from undergoing rigorous exercise sessions. On the other hand a low BMR must be altered by adopting some crucial lifestyle changes. A faster metabolic rate is directly proportional to calorie loss. However, simply exercising without eating adequately yet healthily can put the metabolism in disarray. It is thus advised to incorporate proper food habits along with sufficient activities in our day to day lives to steady the BMR. The quality of our health is solely in our hands and the on

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Are you amongst those who wake up each morning promising to transform your body for the better? But as the moments trickle by your steely resolve too dissipate. We have been told and told some more from age immemorial how exercise and proper food intake is beneficial for us to live long, healthy years. And from that valuable piece of information, most of us chose to stick to the bit where they talk about food intake. Easy as it may seem, not restraining yourself from consuming excess calories and not being active to compensate for the harm done to our body, it is not the path we should be opting. In today’s age maintaining an ideal proportion between calorie deficit and calorie intake has been made quite simple with the introduction of various fitness regimes.

Why Choose Passion Cycles?

Passion Cycles, one of the premium fitness institutes in the state of Pennsylvania offers an innovative and novel way to crush your fitness goals. Physical fitness at Exton has seen a new high with the growing popularity of the classes that Passion Cycles offers. Cycling though a sought after exercise to lose fat quickly, its efficiency has been taken a notch higher. The team at Passion Cycles focus solely on exercises done atop a stationary cycle but with a creative twist. They have

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For most of us, a majority of the day is locked up in hectic schedules, where managing time is a supremely difficult task. One area which ends up getting ignored often is our health. While the benefits of working out have been talked and discussed over and over again, many of us simply give up when it becomes a chore. A large section of people do start off at gyms or other workout groups but drop-out when the exercises become monotonous. Enter incumbent cycling which makes workouts fun, interesting and intense to keep you on the path of fitness.

Cycling - A Tried and Tested Method for Weight Loss

There is a reason why cycling machines are a main stay within most gyms. One of the best components of a cardio-workout, cycling helps you loose weight, tones and trims your body, keeps you fitter and can improve your health remarkably. However, doing the same exercises can become boring overtime. Incumbent cycling keeps your workouts interesting, varied and fun helping you to stay motivated. Incumbent cycling uses honking – which is riding the cycle in a standing position instead of sitting on the saddle.

What is Incumbent Cycling Exactly?

Passion cycles runs cycling classes for weight loss in small, safe and functional groups centred around the incumbent bike

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Is it unthinkable to give some time to your health? It can’t be, Just believe that you really can manage few hours in a week to make sure that you have not taken your health for granted! If you do so, your health will not take it sportingly. So first you need to change the mindset and realize that it is the right time or may be high time that you start doing the right thing for your health.  

How To Go About It

Seek positive examples of extremely busy people who have accommodated a health routine in their life and reaping its benefits. Also warn yourself of the probable consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. Remember the old but apt adage “Health is wealth” ! If you are lucky to have good friends, get motivation from them or even better, make a joint plan of action! A strong resolve and a planned routine is all you need to start with.

Plan of Action

Write down your goals, ways to it, available options, constraints, times that you can squeeze out from your daily routine or once in seven days. Include the obligations that can be avoided without significant harm to make time for your health practice. Choose the days and time in a week that are generally and relatively free for you. Plan for a minimum 1 day - 1 hour a week to 4 days - 1 h

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personal training exton
Experience an enjoyable ride all the way, because it is a fun way of loosing excess fat, improving muscles and health in general. This cardiovascular exercise burns your calories, increase strength, flexibility, balance, improves posture and presents you a lean toned body of health and vitality. Controlling of diet only cannot help in reducing weight specially for older person, diabetic people or those who have a sedentary lifestyle.

What You Have To Do

Just spend 60 minutes of your day at the indoor cycling machine carefully designed for ease and health. The main activity is about paddling the specially designed fixed cycles in a standing and slightly forward bending position. You don’t have to know cycling for this. The fixed cycles are called incumbent cycles where your feet is securedly strapped in a pedal and there is no chance of the rider thrust forward or step off from the frame.

How It Helps

Cycling for weight loss as catered at the personal training centres of Exton can be opted by anybody irrespective of their age or fitness level. It is an easy exercise with huge health benefits. This innovative cycling exercise is the result of the ingenuity of renowned American fitness trainer Joe Ransom. It has become a rage because it is a less arduous f

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Honking? Now, what’s that? Although the term “honking” means standing up and riding out of the saddle on a bike while climbing a hill slope, at Passion Cycles, it denotes a special form of exercise introduced by Joe Ransom. He has designed a unique indoor cycle, called incumbent cycle, that helps you shed an enormous amount of calories within a short span of time. The major difference between normal cycling and incumbent cycling is, it includes an external frame into a facet of active vertical cycling instead of passive stability. This exercise involves vertical cycling, with the riders’ feet firmly strapped on the pedals. He or she also has to stay upright, thus giving maximum pressure to both the upper as well as lower body muscles. Your entire body loses calories with this special type of honking exercise. Amazing idea, right?   Now, let us turn to the advantages of honking over other forms of exercise
  • It targets both the upper and the lower body muscles simultaneously, giving you loads of energy without staying at the gym for two hours at a stretch.
  • You can easily get off the bike anytime to do TRX weights and other core exercises. That will give you a break from constant honking.
  • Honking induces improved cardi

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“Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It is about better than what you used to be” – The generation-X is fast catching up to the overwhelming trend of staying in shape. To slip in the “fitness” fad, most of us aspire to shed those extra kilos, but a very few can actually take up the proper exercise to get rid of them. A majority of us keep planning their workout, but fail to implement it, thanks to a smattering of time and our sedentary lifestyle. Also, in a majority of cases, due to our fear of the arduous exercise, we end up lagging behind the fitness race. How about slimming down by just incorporating honking in your daily life? Don’t believe it? Read the following excerpt to clear out all your doubts – A brief introduction to Honking Honking is a one-of-a-kind form of exercise, where the body is positioned in a biomechanically sound position while practicing the intense cardiovascular workout. It is one of the best exercises for those who are reluctant to opt for arduous workout for shedding extra flabs. Honking bike, the integral exercise equipment for honking classes in Exton refers to the incumbent bikes. The rider has to maintain an upright position whi

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