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Invest in the Incumbent Bike today.

Smarter Science

A Superior All Body Workout Less Stress, Fatigue & Injury Risk than traditional exercise bikes.

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BAD posture

Bad Workout Posture

Good posture

Good Workout Posture

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Intelligent Group Training

This addictive, captivating cycling experience uses the Incumbent Cycle for a superior full body work out.

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Kendra lost 25 lbs Melt your weight off today!

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Until now, you could only enjoy the tremendous benefits of Honking™ Incumbent Cycles in an elite exercise class, you can enjoy its' benefits at home when it fits YOUR schedule.

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Honking Incumbent cycles gives consumers access experience now in hotels and resorts, residential fitness centers, Boutique personal training gyms, country clubs, hospitals and universities across the country.

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I have trained for 6 years with Joe and PFF. The honking bike and the classes are by far the best form of exercise I have ever done in my life. I had hip surgery 16 months ago and without Joe and honking, I would not be ......


I originally saw these honking classes on Groupon. I have been into spinning for a while now and enjoy cycling. I recently did the Tour de Shore, a 65 mile bike ride from Philly to AC in the summer. It killed my lower ba......

Edward Adams

Losing weight had always been a big challenge for me until I joined the honking classes conducted by Passion Cycles. I have never imagined that shedding those extra flabs could be so easy and amazing! And all credit goes......

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Melt your weight off today with Incumbent Bike