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Provides an upper body strength workout, lower body conditioning, core stability, and supreme cardiovascular conditioning.

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You have the opportunity to have one of these for use in your home or commercial gyms.

Honking Class

Honking Class

English term for riding out of the saddle—refers to the action of competitive cyclists as they stand up while cycling to accelerate, or take a hill.

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Indoor Bike

Indoor Cycling Class


Honking is a form of exercise that automatically places the body in a biomechanically sound position while providing an intense cardiovascular workout. Honking is the perfect form of exercise for anyone who spends a great deal of time sitting down.

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Honking is sweeping the nation

The Honking bike is an incumbent bike, and the rider is in an upright position. With minimal coaching, it becomes natural to keep a slight anterior tilt in the hips with the torso erect. This position does not load the spine, and the body can work in its natural range of motion. The cardiovascular benefits of honking are great, because the musculature of the legs, torso and arms are all engaged.

Mixed with other modalities like TRX and weight training, honking offers a far more impressive workout than any fitness routine


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